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Medicaid Planning & Elder Law Attorney

Medicaid Planning for Any Financial Situation

Avoid the large monthly fees incurred by living in a nursing home or assisted living facility by allowing us to assist you in qualifying for Medicaid. Regardless of your income or assets, Medicaid is still an option and we can show you how.

Here at Beverly Thomson Shaw, P.A. we will assess your current financial situation and create a way to protect all that you have worked so hard to earn. Whether you’re preparing ahead of time in the instance that a crisis should occur, or planning for a family member, we are confident that we can guide and assist you in lowering the expenses involved.

What if a crisis has already occurred?

No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves, unexpected crisis can occur. This can be expensive, and frustrating especially when you thought you had the next phase of your life all planned out.

Let us come to you, on site at your location, and discuss how we can best assist you in utilizing Medicaid and reducing your monthly costs as you move through this tough time. Take care of yourself and protect what’s yours for your loved ones by calling us today!

Call us at (727) 327-9222 to set up a FREE on site consultation today!