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Probate Law: Orderly Distribution and Protection

In the instance of a sudden death where no beneficiaries or will exists, the deceased persons assets must enter into a court process of settling an estate referred to as probate. When filing for probate there are two main courses we can take.

1. Formal administration of estates
2. Summary administration of estates

These processes can take anywhere from six weeks to six months or longer and can prove to be expensive. Here at Beverly Thomson Shaw, P.A. we can assist in creating a cost effective and efficient process by reviewing your specific situation (including estates, wills, and trusts) and discussing the best streamlined process available for designating these items.

Our Main Goal:

Although probate can’t always be avoided, our main goal here at Beverly Thomson Shaw, P.A. is to help you and your loved ones avoid the probate process. By planning ahead and assuring that all of your assets are designated to the appropriate entities we will not only save you money, but we’ll save those who follow you the time involved in claiming what’s rightfully theirs.

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